How does this work?
You setup your calling team (up to 10 people) and we assign the team a 5 digit team id.

Any time you want to get your team on the phone, you place a call to us at (404) 939-4907, enter in the 5-digit team id, and PRESTO, you have your whole team on the phone - ANY TIME and ON DEMAND!

Why did you create this calling service?
As a road warrior / consultant, I often tired of trying to setup conference calls with my remote team.

And coordinating them was always painful.

I wanted a simpler way to get my entire team on the phone easily and at any time with a simple phone call.

What does it cost?
At this time it is free. We will let you know if we decide to charge for this service.

Are you going to sell my phone numbers or robo call me?

How do I edit or delete teams?
At this time there is no way to edit or delete calling teams once they have been created. Just go ahead and create another one!

This is cool, this is dumb, or I am confused?
Send comments or questions to me via Twitter at @jobrieniii.

Also, make sure to follow @twilio the telephony API that powers Call My Team - they are simply awesome.